Beautiful Ho’okipa

11/20/2010 § Leave a comment

Beautiful Ho'okipa

Clear water!

Did anyone drive by (or surf) Ho’okipa on Thursday? It was so beautiful!

These are some pictures I took from the road. Don’t worry I wasn’t driving. 😉 Sorry, some are a bit blurry.

The water at Ho’okipa (Ho-oh-key-pah) is usually choppy and not so blue. Mostly choppy cause of the wind. Windsurfers love those conditions but today, it was pure surfing conditions. The parking lot at Ho’okipa Beach Park was packed and there were so many people in the water!

I went surfing later in the day, it was still pretty good…but the Honu (ho-new; sea turtles) were kinda scaring me, they kept popping up out of nowhere and I was afraid I would run over one!

I always love Ho’okipa, but that day especially. Probably has something to do with me being a surfer/boogie boarder. Yeah, one of these days I will get someone to take a picture of me surfing.

Ho'okipa wave

Oops! There's a sign in the way...

I took these pictures at 9:30 am. I bet people skipped out on work just to enjoy this…

Looking towards Mama's Fish House

North Shore Maui

North Shore Maui

Aloha Nui Loa!


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