Super Swell…kinda

12/12/2010 § 1 Comment

Yeah just decided to do a quick post….I’m not dead! Lol just taking a little break from the online world. I’ll do my best to post as much as I can.

Anyway so this week was full of mishaps. So last Friday, I fell and scraped my leg up. It was pretty sore and still is over a week later. Then on Wednesday I slammed my left hand in the door of my car. That was pretty painful. This Friday I tripped up the stairs and hurt my toe. Haha anyway, I suggest taking things slooooow. If you live on Maui and are trying to rush around, don’t. It’s Maui! Mostly everyone is pretty relaxed. Just take a deep breath and then go. Take it moment by moment sometimes.

So Wednesday there was an awesome swell, north shore.  Ho’okipa got pretty big, I have a picture from that day….

Ho'okipa pavilions closed out

….and also a video….

You might think, “Wow! she goes to Ho’okipa  a lot!” Well, yes I do. It’s like 10 min. away from my house. I love surfing there when the waves are good. =) Might even go surfing today…

I want to go to Makena soon though, so you will hopefully get some  pictures of a different beach soon!


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