Hawaii Danger #1: Portuguese Man o’ War

11/28/2010 § 2 Comments

So I was at the beach yesterday and I came across this most familiar but unpleasant sight.

Man o' War

I don’t know that much about them, all I know is that their sting hurts really bad and they come when the wind blows onshore. Yeah, I got to teach my little brothers about them so they won’t get hurt when they see one again. Here are a couple websites that might be helpful if you want to learn more!

The Portuguese Man o’ War


Blue Bubble

We saw 3 on the beach that day! If you ever see one, DONT pick it up! Even though the bubble is harmless, the clearish blue tentacles could be wrapped around it or close nearby!



I love my Ohana!

11/17/2010 § 1 Comment

“Ohana means family and family means no one gets left behind” – Lilo and Stitch

My Ohana (oh-ha-nuh) could be my biological family, my circle of friends, my fellow Christians…but today I’m gonna write about my family.

My parents, Grace and Steve, met on Maui. My father is from California and my mother is from…(you’ll never guess)…Virginia! Yeah. She grew up on a farm way out in the Shenandoah Valley. She came to Maui to be a nanny and also because she felt God calling her here. Dad came because he loved to surf. Yes surf. It’s his passion. He was pro a long time ago and he knows all the famous people from back then. I love telling people that my dad knows the founder of Hurley, Maui Built, and tons others (I just can’t remember then right now).  He is also an entrepreneur. He currently has his own business, New Life Marble Restoration. He cleans and restores all kinds of natural stone and concrete. I’m very proud of him.

Wedding in Keanae

A Very Keanae Wedding

Anyway so they met at Church and from their first date to when the wedding bells rang in Keanae, was about 7 months. I was born about a year and a half later.

Now I was an only child for about 18 months. Haha…my brother (also one of my best friends), Stevie was born. My parents then decided, 2 kids were enough for right then. We moved to Haiku. When Stevie was 6, Robert was born. And then Jeremiah. We moved to Makawao and Sammy was born. Haha…so many births!

Christmas 2008

I love all my brothers so much. I really wanted a sister for the longest time but that just didn’t happen. I’m okay with it now cause I just love boys, how they are so rough and tough. Its true I never learn to be dainty, but I don’t care. I am not a tomboy. Haha. I think it kept me grounded, having all brothers (and the Lord), I wasn’t ever interested in styles or trends. I was just me.

I Love Them!

We are a family, we love each other even though we get irritated. We laugh together, we have struggles, we talk, we listen. We are an Ohana and nobody gets left behind.

Hey! I wanna know what your favorite family pastime is? Mine is when we all start getting the giggles and can’t stop, no matter what we say it is just so funny!

Aloha Nui Loa!

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